The energy revolution in Spain

The Spanish energy market welcomes a new electricity supplier to the market, Fortuluz. This young company takes special care of its customers because everyone has different needs, in their household. The energy that adapts to every customer individually is coming soon – and the electricity can be checked in a quick ans easy way, all online.

In June 2016 the service will be available to Spanish households on the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. The supplier launches a new approach to energy contracts: through their website,, you receive in-depth information about your electricity consumption, contracted power and chosen tariff.

Fortuluz is only just settling into the Spanish market but it is not new in the energy sector, as it profits from the experience and reputation of their German mother company ENSTROGA.

The liberalisation of the electricity market in the late 90’s gave rise to a large number of new suppliers, releasing consumers from the high prices established by a few big companies. Nowadays many firms are devoted to supplying energy, offering the consumer a wide range of choice.

Fortuluz knows that energy is used differently in each household: everyone has their own needs. For instance, big families usually make heavy use of large appliances and a few devices are generally switched on. A single person such is not usually a lot at home and then consume less energy than a family, for example,  in this case a “flexible rate”, with a very low contracted power, would be ideal; in contrast to our first example the perfect rate would be a “fixed one”, so that the family doesn’t have to worry about their consumption even in winter.

This is why they have created two rates, FijoLuz and FlexiLuz, which can be chosen according to the power required by each household.

To help consumers to choose the tariff that best suits them, there is the “rate calculator”. Do you think that you can reduce your contracted power? Do you believe that you would save more with a fixed rate? With this intuitive tool you will clear away any doubts without giving away personal data.

Fortuluz is all about efficiency: 100% of processes can be managed online, your switch to  Fortuluz is carried out easily and free of charge, our services are tailored to each consumer. Everything has been customised so the consumer can save.

Personal habits, the amount of time we spend at home, the number of people in the house, the appliances’ efficiency degree… The electric consumption is shaped by many factors, each family has their own tricks to save energy, but what if they could go easily?

Changing the kind of rate or the contracted power can really make a difference in the household consumption.